Full Valet – Car Valeting in Northampton 

Our full valet service is our highest standard valet we offer

The 21 Stage Full Valet Service

The Full valet service is our high standard, best valet service we offer. If you want your vehicle looking fantastic, this is the service for you! Treat your vehicle to our 21 stage full valet which is our highest quality valeting service we offer, it will make your vehicle look great.

If you’re looking for a mobile valeter in Northampton that has a wealth of experience in valeting vehicles of all sizes, including cars, vans, 4×4’s, HGVs, including aviation, Archway Valeting should be your next phone call.

What is a Full Valet?

The Full valet is the process of cleaning a vehicle in order to achieve an as-new look. It offers much more than our standard valet, and so much more than you would get from a hand car wash. We think our 21 stage full valet service is the best in Northampton. Why? our passion for detail and always wanting to exceed our clients expectations.

before our deep seat clean
after our deep seat clean
our interior clean
our interior clean
our wash form
nice full valet
  • Exterior
  • Pre wash to remove and loosen dirt and grime. 1
  • Petrol cap cleaned 2
  • Alloy Wheels cleaned 3
  • Vehicle hand wash (multi bucket method) 4
  • Arches cleaned 5
  • Door/boot shuts cleaned 6
  • Vehicle exterior dried using microfibre drying towels 7
  • Tar spots removed 8
  • Hand polish and high quality wax applied 9
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned 10
  • Tyres dried and dressed 11
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished 12
  • Exterior Add-ons
  • Clay bar
  • Soft top hood protection
  • Engine bay detail
  • Interior
  • Any rubbish removed 13
  • All plastic, leather and vinyl cleaned 14
  • Dashboard cleaned including vents, buttons, etc 15
  • Sun visors and glass cleaned 16
  • Floor mats removed and cleaned 17
  • All interior glass cleaned 18
  • Full interior vacuuming, including boot 19
  • Full interior, Seats and carpets shampooed and deep cleaned 20
  • Leather cleaned and treated 21
  • Interior Add-ons
  • Fabric & Leather protection
  • Roof lining/headlining cleaned