New Car Protection

New Car Exterior Protection

Our new car exterior protection has become quite popular for customers that want the ultimate protection for their new vehicle.

Believe it or not, your brand new pride and joy isn’t as clean as you think. Before you got the keys to the vehicle its already seen 100s of miles on the back of a transporter picking up tar and road grime.

For the best exterior protection we recommend our new car exterior protection valet service that will remove anything attached to the paintwork, it will also remove any light swirls from the dealer hand wash. Once we have removed all decontamination we apply a paint sealant that will seal your paintwork from tar and road grime giving 8-12 months protection.

new car protection valet
new car valet
  • Exterior
  • Citrus Pre wash to remove and loosen dirt and grime.
  • Petrol cap cleaned
  • Door/boot shuts cleaned
  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned with a none acid based wheel cleaner
  • Vehicle hand wash (multi bucket method)
  • Arches cleaned
  • Vehicle exterior dried using microfibre drying towels
  • Paintwork clay barred.
  • Full paint decontamination (tar and glue removed -fall our remover)
  • Hand polish to remove any dealer applied swirls
  • Window glass cleaned and sealant applied for protection
  • Wheel sealant applied for protection
  • Paintwork sealed giving upto 8-12 months protection
  • Tyres dried and dressed