Interior Valet 

The Interior Valet Service

The Interior valet is just the inside of the vehicle. This is perfect if your vehicle seats has coffee stains on and mud on the carpets etc..

By using specific cleaning products, our deep clean will get rid of them smelly, dirty and nasty looking stains out of your vehicle seats.

before our interior valet
after our interior valet, this car is looking fantastic
interior valet
our awesome interior valet on this great looking car.
our awesome interior valet on this car.
our awesome interior valet on this car.
  • Interior
  • Any rubbish removed
  • All plastic, leather and vinyl cleaned
  • Dashboard cleaned including vents, buttons, etc
  • Sun visors and glass cleaned
  • Floor mats removed and machine shampooed
  • All interior glass cleaned including sun visor glass
  • Full interior vacuuming, including boot
  • Full interior, Seats and carpets shampooed and deep cleaned
  • Leather cleaned and treated