Why you should clean your wheels regularly

So why are we saying that you should clean your car wheels regularly? Well, why wouldn’t you anyway if you have a nice set of alloys, you’d want them to look great all the time right?!

Brake dust can look unattractive but that’s not the reason why we’re saying that you should clean them regularly..

Some chemicals that made up some brake pads can be bad for your wheels if left on for some time. If brake dust has a chance to corrode the aluminium in your wheels, the damage can be permanent. A full alloy wheel refurbishment will be required to correct the damage which could cost you a few hundred pounds.

Save yourself a few hundred pounds and clean your wheels!

What can I use to clean my wheels?

Depending on what type of alloy wheels you have, you can use any wheel cleaner from the hundreds on the market. Let’s not be silly and use washing up liquid now eh? I’ve seen people do that!

At Archway Valeting, we have many favourite wheel cleaners and different types of brushes to help us get into the awkward areas.

Alloys are mixtures of metal and other elements so depending on what type you have, some wheels need that little bit more care and will need cleaning more to keep them looking great. In the winter especially as the salt on the road can eat away at metals.

Be very cautious on what you are spraying on your wheels as some cheap wheel cleaners can contain acid! And if used the wrong way will damage the finish on your alloys.. So be warned!

Winter care

Winter is around the corner and annoyingly so will the local council salt trucks. The salt that is used on the roads in icy or snowy conditions is extremely corrosive and will quickly ruin your wheels if you don’t care to clean them regularly. So we recommend that you wash down your wheel after every journey when there are high levels of salt on the roads.